Suite Solutions is a true three credit bureau solutions provider

Suite Solutions has never waivered on their commitment to always provide current, 3-bureau reports. Research shows that up to date information from all three credit bureaus is critical to ensure that a bankruptcy filing completely lists all liabilities to provide the best outcome for clients.
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Credit Report Customers Gain Exclusive Access to:

  • [ Thumb ] Vehicle Valuations

    Vehicle Valuations

    Don’t let assets become liabilities. Suite Solutions Vehicle Valuations provide N.A.D.A. data on the value of vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and recreational vehicles (RVs).
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  • [ Thumb ] Property Valuations

    Property Valuations

    See the full picture. The Suite Solutions Real Estate Evaluator shows you property valuations with accuracy optimized by geopreferencing.
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  • [ Thumb ] Electronic Storage

    Secure Electronic Storage

    Your client’s authentication and authorization documents as well as any credit reports you order are automatically filed in Suite Solutions’ electronic database, securely stored and accessible at your convenience.


Additional Suite Solutions Offerings:

  • Thumb Tax Transcripts

    Tax Transcripts

    Cut guesswork and eliminate liabilities. Suite Solutions tax transcripts verify client income in under 48 hours so you can move forward with your caseload.
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  • [ Thumb ] Credit Debt

    Pre-filing Credit Counseling and Post-Filing Debtor Education

    How much time should you spend researching and selecting credit counseling and debtor education courses for clients? Suite Solutions handpicks the best courses and allows one-stop ordering so you can move on with your case.
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  • [ Thumb ] PracticeSavvy


    See where bankruptcies are being filed, which attorneys are filing them, when they are being filed, and other information that is highly relevant to bankruptcy attorneys interested in marketing their practice.
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